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  In addition to news reporting, Prisonerspov.com will provide FREE online meaningful studies into the Bible (Old and New Testaments) from an authentic Messianic Jewish perspective that is certain to strengthen your walk with Jesus the Messiah. Do not disregard JD’s teachings simply because he is a prisoner. JD is actually a highly respected and accomplished teacher in Judaic-Christian studies. JD is the co-founder of the wildly popular Messianic Prisoners ministry. Every Sabbath for 10 years, JD taught prisoners biblical studies in a classroom-like setting until 2015, when he was admitted into the prison infirmary for serious health problems. To learn more click on JDMERRICK and BIBLE STUDIES.  

Prisonerspov.com is not a business. There is nothing for sale and we do not want donations or favors of any kind. We are strictly a theological and prison news website. PRISONERSPOV.COM IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY ORGANIZATION OR GROUP OF ANY KIND. Any and all opinions are strictly those of prisonerspov.com. Some people might be offended by some opinions, but in no way is it our intention to offend anyone. We will always be respectful towards others, even when we disagree.   

   Prisonerspov.com is a conservative Messianic-Christian faith based news and theological website. On one hand, we provide a unique, in-depth look into the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) and its brutal inhumane conditions from a prisoner’s point-of-view. Learn how and why prison officials are putting the public in danger and why everyone should be worried. JD Merrick is a civil rights activist and a well-known and successful jailhouse lawyer. His news reports are trustworthy and backed up with court records, firsthand witness statements, and internal prison documents that officials don’t want you to see. Click on PRISON NEWS and LEGAL BRIEFS for more information.   

JD from prison

   Some people might ask, “What is JD hoping to gain by this site?” We recorded one of JD’s calls from the prison recently so he can tell you himself. Click on the audio file JD From Prison.   

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  What is a chaplain? The technical definition is “a member of the clergy…a person chosen to conduct religious exercises.” (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary) If you ask most people how they define what a chaplain is, chances are you will receive positive feedback. People tend to consider them men of God who are ready and able to provide spiritual counsel and religious instruction. The last thing you would expect from a chaplain would be for them to ignore your pleas for spiritual assistance, to refuse you religious instruction, and definitely not to discriminate based upon race or religious preference. However, if you ask inmates inside the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) to describe most prison chaplains, you’ll likely get an eye-roll, a snicker and a quick unfavorable opinion. Inmates will tell you that, if anything, ADC chaplains, in conjunction with ADC policy, discourage inmates from observing their religion AND they discriminate in ways that are not only extremely offensive, but are also unlawful.